promoting the growth of young people, in skills, knowledge, and self-confidence, through the performing arts.
Welcome to Oddfellows Playhouse!

Connecticut's largest youth theater has something to offer for everyone, from 2-20. If your interest lies in performance and bringing characters to life on stage, creating magic behind the scenes or dazzling audiences with skillful circus feats—there is something for you at Oddfellows. No matter your skill or experience, Oddfellows' star free philosophy gives everyone room to grow. Our teaching staff comprises some of Connecticut's best professional artists, and our programs are sure to prove fun, challenging and educational.

All of our classes use classic world literature, myth and folklore as a creative focus and common theme. Students will bring to life seminal characters that have shaped our collective culture and reveal our many shared values. You will have the opportunity to explore "monster" characters in the fall, and find out just how different life is when you're not the hero.

If you are age:
Ages 3-4: Little Fellows
Ages 5-6: First Act
Grades 1-3: Story Starters
Grades 4-5: Kids Company
Grades 6-8: Junior Repertory Company
Grades 9 & up: Teen Repertory Company
Ages: 12 & up: Traveling Circus Company

Additional Classes+Programs:
Neighborhood Troupes + Arts Explorers
Summer Programs

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